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Are You Seeing The Wood From The Trees?

Each of us is looking to be happy and content in life. However, life can bring unexpected changes, problems can arise and challenges often go unresolved until we find a better way of doing.

But how do we find a better way? How do we identify what is holding us back? How do we unravel the confusion in our minds which is stopping us from having a clear way forward?

If you can relate to any of these questions you’ve come to the right place!

Wellness Mentoring will help you understand how you can resolve your particular issue, regardless of its’ complexity. All of this is facilitated with confidentiality, no judgement, patience and understanding.

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Mental Wellness

Relationship Difficulties

Dealing With Grief

Work Life Balance

Childhood Ordeals

Health & Wellbeing


Business & Career Mentoring

Setting Goals

‘If we keep on doing what we are doing, we keep on getting what we are getting’

Steven Covey

I offer a FREE initial consultation, where you can tell me what is challenging you. On this call, I will explain how I work and what I can offer. Together we can then decide on a way forward.

Client Feedback

Although I have had business mentoring in the past, nothing quite compares to Billy's unique style. He has a way of seeing beyond spreadsheets and client bookings and into your soul. He gets to the heart of what is really blocking your progress. Somehow he achieves all this in a calming and relaxed manner. You come out feeling like you've had a lovely chat and then realise how much wisdom he has imparted to you. I highly recommend Billy to anyone looking to enhance their life or business.

Billy is one of the kindest, most professional and honest people I have ever met. His experience and ability to help me breakthrough the challenges I have faced and continue to face have been liberating, full of insights and awareness that has empowered me too be able to make changes in my life. Change takes courage and desire, I have never lacked that, just the knowledge of how to do it and the support. Billy has helped me confront, become aware and deal with the things I have wanted to change. I am very grateful for his constant support, his belief in me.

Billy Harvey’s style of mentoring is dynamic with a key focus on the client’s results. If a client wants results, Billy delivers. His focus is to keep it simple and to raise awareness, without losing sight of what is important to his client, all delivered with Billy’s unique style and passion.


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Offering a safe and confidential space for clients; exceptional listening skills; proven transformational techniques; life changing results.